GuiTextProc Update

I’ve been playing around with GuiTextProc a bit recently trying to do various things such as save text processing stacks. It’s quite slow progress though since I only work on this when I both get time and feel like it, which is rare.

One thing that I have managed to do though is this:

Coming soon… Maybe?

Yeah, I got it to build for Mac OS. It’s a QT app so shouldn’t be that hard to do, however the plugin stuff was pretty windows specific, and I’m not really happy with the slightly bodgy way I got it  to work.

I think it could do with a rethink really, I’ve been playing with it off and on for close to a year now, and it could do with more of a thorough overhaul. It’s not especially messy or anything, but there are a few common themes that pop up whenever I try to do something like this with it.

Watch this space. (but don’t hold your breath…)